Simple way to Secure Your Binance Account Step by step

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of January 2018, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a developer who had previously created high frequency trading software.

Security is a top priority at Binance. While we do everything to keep your account secure, you also have the power to greatly increase the security of your Binance account.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Activating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) should be among the first things you do after creating a Binance account.

Binance supports two types of 2FA: SMS and Google Authentication. Out of these two, we recommend Google Authenticator. Just make sure to write down your reset key in case you need to transfer your 2FA codes to a new mobile phone.

Check the list of devices authorized to access your account

Always check the devices that are authorized to access your Binance account in the Device Management tab. When using the Binance app, you can find this tab under the “Account” tab.

If you see any devices you don’t recognize or don’t use anymore, remove them. Once you remove a device, it won’t be able to access your account again.

Use a strong password and change it regularly

You should use strong and unique passwords for every one of your accounts on the Internet. This is especially true for those that hold value — like your cryptocurrency exchange account. Ideally, these passwords should be more than eight characters long, containing both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Having a strong password is an excellent first step, but it doesn’t mean you’re set forever. It’s also good practice to change your passwords regularly, as attackers may have ways to obtain your passwords regardless. This is not only true for your Binance account, but also your email associated with your Binance account.

Set an Anti-Phishing Code

Binance’s Anti-Phishing Code is simple. You set your own personal code, so every time you login onto the Binance exchange and every time you withdraw your exchange funds, you’re going to receive the code you’ve chosen via email. It’s just an extra precautionary step for you to know that you’ve indeed logged in to the correct and legitimate Binance website.

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